At Kusing we have heavily invested in an advanced manufacturing complex and a complete production system. Once an order is confirmed, we implement strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, from planning, technical design, raw materials procurement, production, performance control, product inspection and packaging to warehousing. At Kusing high and consistent quality is critical at every state of the production process. This is how we fully satisfy our customers in terms of their benefits and generator quality.

Our new products are created by using CAD, CAM or CAE system. After that, each and every new product that has been developed will undergo a trial run and certification testing.

At Kusing we are very proud to have built a brand which is completely trustworthy and dedicated to providing customers with great value! Our company is completely driven to make our brand of generators the finest on the market!


    Large plant for producing generator products
    Kusing possesses an extremely large generator workshop, as well as a complete production line and a set of comprehensive service system.


    Iron sheet punching
    The workers are doing punching work for the iron sheet, as a preparation for producing generators.

    Small components drilling
    Here some small parts of the generator sets are drilled

    Manual polishing for small drilled parts
    Those drilled small accessories will be polished manually for smooth surface and aesthetic appearance.

    Welding for bases of the generator sets
    The workers are welding the bases of the generator sets.

    Molds for generator manufacturing
    All of the molds we use in the generator sets production line are stored here orderly.


    Assembled generator sets

    Generator assembling
    Our workers are assembling different kinds of generator products

Performance Testing

    Performance tests for finished generators
    To ensure that our generator sets are competent in dealing with any emergencies, the inspectors are examining the running conditions of the generators in different simulated emergency situations.


    Finished & semi-finished generators
    Stacking area for finished and semi-finished generator sets

    Accessories & tools
    Stored here are different kinds of accessories and tools for producing generators.


    Generator sets to be packed
    Those finished generators which have been inspected as qualified will undergo the final packaging step.


    Loading & shipping for finished generator sets

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