Portable Generator
Portable Generator

Portable Generator
The portable generator features low oil consumption, low noise level and automatic voltage regulation that ensures a highly stable voltage supply. It is equipped with a reliable overload protection device which effectively protects the motor. This kind of generator is economical, long-lasting and comes with a low failure rate, which has made this product one of the best choices for use as an emergency power supply in homes, stores and companies. Not only that, the generator is built for both welding and power generation purposes. It can work continuously for approximately 12 hours. Upon request, we offer customers an open-frame, variable-frequency gasoline generator. This type of generator is inverter-driven. It varies the rotational speed under different loads for considerable energy savings.

    Kusing portable generators are distinguished for low oil consumption and little noise. The AVR (automatic voltage regulation) mechanism allows the voltage to be highly stable. An overload protection device is mounted on the generator to protect the engine effectively. With the advantages of long service life and low failure rate, this series of portable generator is the best choice for the emergency power supply system of homes, stores, and companies.

Besides, Kusing has prepared the generators with both welding and power supplying functions for this series. They are able to work continuously for 12 hours. Gasoline generators with open frame and variable frequency are also available in Kusing. They are mounted with an inverter, allowing the generators to run at different speed under different loads for energy-saving purposes.

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