The K series diesel generator set is available with a wide choice of engines. These engines are sourced from Yangdong, YTO, SDEC and other well-known national brands.

The CK series diesel generator set is powered by a Cummins engine. Kusing has more than 500 distributors and over 5,200 dealers spread across more than 190 countries, providing customers with very efficient service and a quick response time from the company.

At Kusing the PK series diesel generator set is powered by an originally-packaged Perkins engine. Due to this engine’s ultra-high reliability and quality, it has become the first choice among our demanding customers.

The LOVOL company was established on the basis of the Sino-British Joint Perkins Power (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. In order to achieve a yearly output of 60,000 units, the company has introduced 7 advanced production lines from the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France and other countries.

The Kusing range of mobile lighting towers is designed to fulfill your mobile generator lighting requirements. It is extensively used in the fields of mining, construction, disaster relief, etc.

Our range of trailer generators is widely used for mobile applications. It responds quickly to your power supply requirements. Aside from convenient mobility, this product also has a mute feature.

The portable generator features low oil consumption, low noise level and automatic voltage regulation that ensures a highly stable voltage supply. It is equipped with a reliable overload protection device which effectively protects the motor.

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